MICHAEL MYERS, the humanitarian monster: in honor of my favorite Holiday, which is quickly approaching, and always too fast to go away....I am watching my favorite horror films. The rich history of Halloween has always held just as much a fascination for me as the fun of getting dressed up in a character , or two or three. So much fun! So much love for the Autumn season and all the sights and sounds that follow. So today, with extreme anticipation, I dedicate today to Early Halloween. I can't wait!!!!!
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  1. queerduck

    I enjoy Halloween also. I live next to the oldest film house in MPLS and in October they run the original Draculs and Frankenstien. When these movies were made, there was no TV. These film were meant to be seen on a large screen and the difference from watching them on a large screen compared to TV is breathtaking. I have a weakness for good Drag Performers, and Halloween is like " Mothers Day" to a Drag Queen. Trick or Treat

    August 24, 2013
    1. SuzSomething

      I love watching the old movies the way they were intended to be watched too. A totally different experience

      August 25, 2013