The humiliation of the American Education System: one child's story: (dedicated to my sweet and well prepared son, D!) "Don't let one person ruin your view of the dream you have for yourself, Never let anyone tell you that you are not one of a kind and that you cannot succeed, normally when someone is cruel, a bully, or spiteful, it is because they have failed already and can only see darkness in those that still have a spark! I love you, Momma!"


Teaching a child to enjoy, love and feel as if he/she is excelling in any given  subject in school is the sure way to make a child feel proud and will more likely create a child who will continue their education into adulthood and further the world views and future...

It is very sad when educators that do not enjoy their job make a child feel less than what that child can be. Positive reinforcement is the best way to show a child how to be a functioning human being and be willing to learn and grow. 


A teacher that shatters a students pride and feeling of achievement; when that child has worked for two weeks on a project at a junior high school level, should be ashamed of themselves. 

*** This is being said because I am a child of two teachers, both with a lifetime of teaching under their belts, and I have seen them inspire students for years...with the rewards coming back to them in full...

Today, my youngest son was made to feel disgraced during his presentation of the historical poem of Xanadu: and Kubla Khan ...not because of the poem choice, but because the TEACHER was uneducated in the stories of Genghis Khan and his family linage and history. She made my son feel belittled and worthless before the class because she was uneducated. It is disgusting! He had literally worked on his presentation and papers for nearly two weeks, also, he made a Power-point on his IPAD and came dressed to impress when he stood before his class. He was well versed and educated in this subject because Asian history is his current hobby and love. I have read over his papers and seen his PP presentation as well as his handouts for the class...this young pre-teen was more prepared for his presentation than some college students are at finals. His works were sited properly and had a full bibliography attached. 

I feel such disgrace for our American Educational process. This child today was so inspired and so excited to present his papers and collected works to his class and was so humiliated because of a teacher. That teacher has let him down...and probably more so than she will ever know, except this child has a mom that will have a very long discussion with her tomorrow about how she reviews student work. One should never kill a child's desire to show up at a school and learn, NEVER...

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Comments (2)

  1. jwcj

    Yes indeed my first discussion would be with her, and then with her principal !!!!

    December 19, 2013
    1. SuzSomething

      As it shall be. Thanks!

      December 19, 2013