Prep yourself, it's coming!:

So, currently in sunny Hollywood, California, I am prepping for Mondays' Zombie homecoming...with such awesomeness as Mick, and G for this video event...It can't really get much better. Yes, I am sleeping in my car in front of my office building and yes, My meals are coming out of a cooler I purchased shortly after leaving the circus and deciding to YET AGAIN stay iLA...but I find though I am somewhat discouraged by current events, I am not disheartened and still feel conident that I am supposed to be here now. I have to keep trying and to find a way...I've always been strong and illing...AND I have to find a way. For my Kids, for my sanity, and for my happiness...this is, as, and always will be my dream come true and I love my okay world, throw your worst my way...its not the firt time the fates have made it hard for me...and I'll be damned if they think they are taking this hope away this time...kiss my ass fates...I want this!

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