"Bring out your dead!!!!"

All Hail to the deceased and honored Hollywood Stars:

So I spent the majority of yesterday with my friend Derek drivinaround LA and seeing celebrity burial sites...morbid you might say, but actually extremely fascinating. I ventured to see Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, Bettie Paige and Bette Davis, and many many many more. I have two Cemetaries to visit today to finishoff this morbid side tour of Hollywoods fame days...but I figured, I have never done that in all the times I have lived in LA, so  why not...why not pay my respects to those that inspired my very being in so many ways. So many of these people either inspired thise I adore in this industry or are literally t one that made me decide to be a make-up artist....so many have fallen in this world. 

I found it very neat to read the grave markers of many other people in these cemetaries actually and saw grave stones that were from the 1810's and a few even before then. The history in this one location alone is vast and it tends t get lost in all the hussle and bussle of daily Hollywood life, but just a few feet below all of us is a world we know not and a history long past and almost forgotten, but this time around, I did not forget, and so today I pay tribute to all those that lay beneath us...whomever they may be. 

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  1. SuzSomething

    Is it Halloween yet????

    August 20, 2013