So what of this day, why not eat cake?:

Let’s be frivolous, shall we???? YES, LETS! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Why not? What if I made the cake? Then I will surely eat the whole darn thing if I so desire it. I have that right, its my cake!!! (Is that selfish?, Yes) Guess what, human nature is actually selfish...oops, spoiler alert!!! But guess what else, we can actually do better than that...people in general are actually good natured...for the most part. People give and take and then sometimes give again to take care of each other. It isn’t uncommon to see people giving the homeless food or goods...or even one step better. It isn’t uncommon to see a hero doing what heroes are supposed to do and saving lives. Or a person taking time to teach, or show others the way...whatever way that may be. People can be good...they just aren’t often that way. Why do you suppose that is? Why can a person flip so fast? Its like lightening mixed with sadness mixed with life and love mixed yet some more with disgust...we are a weird group indeed.


Ask yourself this...did you pay it forward at all today? Did you give something back to the world today at all??? If not...maybe you should spare more time tomorrow...just to smell the roses and look at the sky above you...take some time to smile at someone walking past you or to make a small compliment about someone’s back doesn’t always have to entail money or major charity...just a small gesture of kindness.

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