Coffee shop logic

My Favorite Coffee Bean in LA:

Aug 12:

So in my recent days of becoming homeless I have found that my mood hasn't much changed. I still love this city. I am not disheartened but I am finding myself far more annoyed with people daily! 

One of  favorite pass times is to sit at the local coffee shop and people watch, The array of people that come in and out these doors is fantastic! Currently I am waiting for my mail to show up at the crazy psycho’s house that I was living at up until three days ago, going on four now...and then I will be headed to the library to enhance my mind. 

Some good friends visited me at my new house, (aka my car) this morning bearing kindness and goodies and gas for the vehicle! Thank you guys for making sure I can get to work this week, you rock! as for daily life, today may end up being a trip to the beach...I fear this, what would normally be my happy spot is today a gloomy dark mess of impending Hollywood Fall and I am only going there in order to take a shower..Yes folks, that’s right, I'm gonna take a shower at the beach showers, because they are free and I am FAR TOO OCD to not be clean and well groomed. Even homeless I am doing well to keep my clothing clean and body well maintained....Good hygiene is important, even in my newest slump. Still keeping my head up and my mind clear...I still have big dreams, and others have been where I am and have succeeded as well...Don’t believe me, "Pursuit of Happiness" or "From Homeless to Harvard"...great examples. 


Did you guys know I am still going to school online every day? I’m working on my Masters and currently writing my Doctorial thesis of Medical Anthropology and Forensics in Foreign countries...


Anyways, That's what's going on today..Dueces util later on, lets see what today brings...

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  1. noreia

    I have showered on the beach…it does the job just fine

    August 10, 2013