April 27, 2014:



I will pose a question for the internet world to answer, Do those that suffer and have little to nothing left deserve to have what everyone else seems to consider trash?


My answer is NO! Now, before one gets livid at that answer,read what I say first.


I have been homeless, I am the working poor...but I do not feel that those in need should have to go to a food bank or a local church in order to get EXPIRED cans and boxes of food. WHY? Why do we, as a society, only give up what we feel isn't good enough for us... to those in need?

I'd like to see a community, as a whole, try to do better. Actually go through your closets and get nice, newer clothes that are gently worn, and actually give those items to a shelter to give to a person in need that may be ACTUALLY looking for work or is in a halfway home program of some nature.

Or go to your fridges and get ACTUAL gallons of milk, not dried BS milk that tastes of spoil when made, but milk, and give that to someone in need. Better yet, go shopping, buy your regular groceries and then just for the kindness, buy 5.00 dollars worth of NEW canned goods, take it to a school, a shelter or a local food bank, and give that to them instead of something that is a day, a week, or a month old...ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING KIND AND GIVING.

One should not feel good about themselves for giving trash to the homeless and those in need. People DO NOT always choose to be in a bad situation. Some are single parents trying to make ends meet so that they can feed their kids while they look for jobs, others are handicap, veterans of wars, elderly in need, those that can't afford the medical, mental or whatever help they may need.


I'm not thinking that a whole city should do this, I'm thinking whole neighborhoods, communites. if everyone in a community would simply get together to do something better to help just their own community then guess what, everyone is doing better. Moral is up, cleanliness...quality of life.

If you see someone that sleeps on the sidewalk and they stay in the same neighborhood all year, will it really kill you to stop, and just say hi, ask " do you need anything that I might be able to help with?" It could be as simple as a smile, or maybe a shower, a simple cup of coffee. NOT EVERY HOMELESS OR NEEDY PERSON is waiting in the darkness to do you wrong or are ill willed. Some just need a helping hand up. Maybe its a ride to the shelter or a safe place to sleep, maybe they are runaways that are lost and confused and don't their story, so do not judge them.


So I propose a thought, go to you kitchen, or closet, or storage ,or where ever, grab a few things that are not trash or trashed, and find a place that isn't the most likely place and donate those items. Not to a Goodwill or that type of place, but to a school (books? Computers, cds and music, videos ), a church that actually does good by others, a local theatre troope that does volunteer programs for youth and poor alike, or hey, here's a thought, just give something nice to your neighbors that may need help...because they are in the outs, or's not scary to be kind now and again.



So, do you have what it takes to simply try to be kind, once a week, maybe? Can you spare some change? Do you have some food? Will you give them work in exchange? Hey buddy, do you have a dollar? Can you help me find a place to stay tonight? Can you help me and my kids? DOG NEEDS WATER? Can you help me with a ride ? May I use your phone to call my family? Can you help me?



Everyone has a reason in life,in this world and whatever the next my bring...everyone has a reason. Give them a chance to talk to you...whats a little dirt between new friends?


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