Hanky Spank, and The Last Lemonade stand

October 29,2014:

So, I was on my way to work the other day, now mind you, it's October in Colorado,  so NOT Spring, and I saw two young girls in a fairly rich hood setting up a Lemonade Stand in front of their house. It made me think of my hometown of Crested Butte, and it also made me think about old Leave it to Beaver eposodes, " Maybe the innocence of the world isn't all gone after all, I thought. " then as I drove by , my inner comedian got a chuckle, these two brilliant girls have named their Lemonade business "Hanky Spank, and the lemonade stand!" I had to stop. Had To!

The girls turned and said hi then with a whistle,  the garage door behind them opened,  and music was turned on, and like a flash mob of 12 year olds, an entire dance group piled out of the garage and danced  and sang in order to sell a few glasses of lemonade!


This lovely group of kids were doing a fund raiser but had come.up with a great way to entertain the assessment while doing so. 

I love life's little quirks! 

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