"I say, won't you please pardon the typos..."

For Queen and Country:

So, I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not excited about the idea of Prince Charles becoming King...I like the Queen...indeed! I, as does the major majority also, in turn, adore Diana's young men and would much rather see the new father and his bride become King before Camilla and Charles could ever touch the throne! 

Why do I care, one may ask...because I love everything and all things that are English. With exception of Prince Charles and his absolutely disgraceful taste in Camilla. 

Alright, that's now out of my system...

Next, hey everyone, guess what, its Fall !!!!!!!!! Yippie! I want to hear about everyone's favorite Fall/ Autumn/ Halloween memory or events...or family traditions....what makes this time of year tick for everyone? 

Also, lastly, I'm back in Colorado...this is blah but good. I am with my kids and in my home, and so on...but I miss the hustle of Hollywood & the ocean and the consistent weather....but I am happy to be home. 

Can't wait til Halloween... ode to the best time of year! 

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