July 18, 2013 Hollywood homestead

Truly Feeling Home:

Hollywood is certainly treating me better than the last time we were together. I found happiness and love, new friends and a place that feels welcoming...is it another hollywood illusion??? Could be... Thank you though, for the gifts you have given Hollywood, They matter! 

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  1. leveuvenoire

    Awwww I love Hollywood. That is where my heart is. Born and raised Hollywood was home for me. I miss it sometimes but I feel somewhat uneasy about what its becoming. It was a happier city way back when. Now crime and negative destructive tourists are fucking it up.

    Grew tired of people coming in trashing our city and leaving us to smell all the alcohol puke and piss in the morning. It made me bitter because I love that city but I guess it just came with the territory. Im sure other party cities would agree huh Vegas?

    August 06, 2013
    1. SuzSomething

      LOL, Yup, I feel ya, and I’m sure Vegas agrees whole-heartedly!

      August 06, 2013