July 31, 2013 The Rockwell Lounge

Old jazz lounge: 

SCENE: The atmosphere is dim lit, old jazz lounge. The smell of spirits and wines in the air...I'm only a few feet from the stage, close enough to touch it with my feet...My anticipation fior this evenings events intoxicate my every sense. I am ecstatic to see this man I have dreamed of, and to him do something he most passionate about, to play his music, to play his piano. This night will be perfect.

Thank you Jeff G., for the memories and for helping to knock off one more thing from the bucket list!!! So few entertainers realise the gifts they give the world, even fewer appreciate the love they are given for their gifts. Mr. G., Thank you, more than you will ever know, you are a hero and a gentleman, and I thank you so dearly from my heart. You are one of the ones that keep that Old Hollywood Magic alive...and you bring joy to lives that feel empty...you are a hero, you stand above the rest...even literally!

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