Love may very well find its way...

December 3, 2013:


Awkward , yet rewarding. That is how my life always feels.

                So my former gentleman friend and I have reconnected, 2nd chances are dangerous, yet this feels different; this feels like that saying "Let love go, and if it comes back...", you guys know the story, anyhow...maybe 2nd chances are not the wrong thing after all. I have felt a great deal of joy in the compassion and love that I feel from my man-friend. (I hate the term boyfriend, but I DO LIKE BEING A GIRLFRIEND)...lets continue, so things feel good. They feel like they are falling where they are suppod to, and maybe that will end, but at this moment all is well. You can't really rely on fate or what the next day has in store for you, it doesn't matter who you are, someone you love or care for can be there one moment and then gone the next. 

               My mister has made the certain efforts to show he truly cares about me and mine, and he is appreciatiative of what I can give him in return, I find him sexy and he seems to enjoy my "personality" as well! LOL, so as things progress, I slowly am opening a  new door, tailor made by him, just to make sure that I didn't let go of the right one. Maybe , just maybe..this is my guy afterall. I don' expect marriage or all that, I do hope someday we end up living together again, we did alright as a pair and he was easy to live with which is hard to say about most dudes! (As I'm sure they say of us as well ) I guess at this junction, I will say I have an appreciation for what he can give me in my life as my partner in crime and I am able to still see the man I fell in love with, as well as tthe man I am now getting to it can't be all bad!

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