A mile in my shoes

November 12, 2013byzannemichellegiles


November 12, 2013:

Have you ever felt liketyou were living in a life that was certainly not your own? Or just sat back and taken in all the things you've done in your past and wondered, when, where and why...what was that exact moment that you made the wrong decision and ended up in a different life than the one you had wanted as a young person??? That's this month for me. I have had way too many experiences lately that have led me to question these exact things. 

I was literally betrayed by one of my longest and dearest friends not but a week ago. 21 years of friendship and he threw away our friendship in seconds. 

I feel accomplished but y not where I long to be. I am missing LA or NY life. I need the chaos I think. I feel almost lost. Thank god for my kids or this current life would be exhausting and excrutiating. 

I do have some amazing people in my life and even better than that, have had some amazing adventures to pass down to my kids and grandkids when they show up...but as I sit here thinking back, I can't help but wonder what was the exact moment where I changed my original destiny and followed this path...what moment was it that began the filtration of past vs. present day "me"....

I guess for now, I shall simple go make some tea and paint and enjoy my day off of work, but I think that maybe closong the stories of my past off is what is bringing in my new future life and I look forward to what gifts I shall be givn in the future, for as long as I have one.

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