No Longer Homeless in Hollywood

But still not at home....

SOOOOOOO, I've been staying with a friend of a friend, and thats's had its ups and downs, but overall, not too bad a situation. At least I know for sure that there eally are kind people out there still. This is NOT, by any means, a permanant thing however, I am still planing on trekking across the USA back to my home state of Colorado fairly soon...

UNLESS, I get some wor here...which is harder than one might have originally thought...Hollywood, the movie capital of the world is dying...the movies tend to be made everywhere else now. Studios only seem to be used as sound lots and production use..not for actual filming really..what a shame, being on set at the studios was always one of my favorite things.


I have one funny story, taht is odd for life in the busy ciy...EVERY SINGLE MORNING, I get woken up by a rooster that lives somewhere near by! OMG... this wouldn't be so weird, except I literally live IN the Center of town...WTH????

5 am, then around 6am, then most of the day, this silly ass rooster has something to say..loud and sincerely a few blocks East of mylocation, maybe closer to China Town, eitherway, EVERYDAY, this rooster is crying his heart out for the world to hear, saying "Can you hear me, its time to wake up world!!!" Good morning to you too rooster..

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