Pay It Forward

A Giving Tree, when it isn't XMas!:

Have you ever seen the movie " Pay It Forward" or read the original story behind the film? Have you ever seen those Christmas trees at stores and churches, etc. during the holidays? Why does it need to be XMAS for people to be willing to help others? 

I propose an idea! Why not start a giving tree in the community you live in, that isn't a "gift" tree exactly, but more an offerings tree. Going past the boundaries of religious lines and just being able to show Kindness or appreciation for the people near you. 

For instance, if someone in your community put a request on the tree just to get help moving a tried or unloading an attic, or needed help mowing their lawn because he/she was an older person...and you come along and read the request off the tree and think, I can spare a few hours to do nice right???

Here's how it works, in order to put up a request, one must first answer a request that was already on the tree. Once one has answered request then one could place a request on the tree. It would hopeful that community understand that the giving tree wasn't about helping with bills or taking care of someone or something for long periods of time, it is intended as a one time moment that is to improve the quality of life for the people one lives directly near. If a single parent needs help with food or so.etching necessary for their kids and a businessman reads that request and takes it on, then wonderful...or If an elderly person needs help walking their dogs because of ailing health, and a kid a few doors down says " I can do that after school..." then it helps the entire community. Or if a request to help paint a house or rake a yard, or clean a house , etc.....these little things can make one big thing as the acts of kindness are fulfilled. 

Also, you can request help however many times you need, as long as you have fulfilled a request before you place another. It is a pay it forward act, but on a smaller scale. But, as everyone knows, its the small things that count.

Now the question is, how to get this act of kindness up and going??? 

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