The reinvention of the flickers!

Old vs. New:


Okay, I know I may one of the only ones out there, but I loved the A-Team movie a 21 Jump Street...NO, they were really nothing like the TV shows they were stolen from, but then again, Hollywood is not good at new ideas. The movies were fun though. I am a total 70's/ 80's girl and obviously I LOVE retro and Vintage TV as well, so I find it very amusing that at least the flickers are trying to engage the modern with its predecessors. Change is always needed, but the shows and films have been a blast! At this point I'd almost rather watch something I can relate to from my past than try to tolerate what Hollywood calls "NEW". 


Some of the new is refreshing  and some of the new is actually a fake, and just a revised version of something old...I found "MANIAC" to be a blessing..and I found Transformers to be disappointing...not completely mind you, big on SPFX, as it is what I do...but the back ground story was shotty and dull. Not sure how I will take "Wonder Woman" or "Thunder Cats" when they finally get re-released...I guess we will see.

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